Today is Friday, which means a new episode of The Clone Wars is streaming right now, titled “A Distant Echo”. Meanwhile, I still haven’t started the series. Yeah I know.

I kinda wondered the other day if LEGO would ever produce sets based on the show again. If they do, hopefully they won’t re-introduce those God-awful minifig face designs.


  1. Honestly, I’d be surprised if there didn’t end up being at least something LEGO based off this last arrival of The Clone Wars. There have been one or two sets a year based off The Clone Wars (Anakin’s starfighter, the Ki-Adi Mundi battlepack, Grievous’s speeder, the Republic Tank)–including Yoda’s Starfighter from the “Lost Missions.”

    And Rebels, Resistance, and the Mandalorian have all had something. Granted, the Mandalorian has been a HUGE deal, but it can hardly be said to be more kid-centric than The Clone Wars. But it might be a good comparative case for showing the sets coming AFTER the show (AT-ST aside).

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