I guess a lot of you think the Speeder Bike‘s the way to cruise around town. Surprisingly though, the Landspeeder came in second edging out the Swoop Bike. Here are the complete results:

  • Speeder Bike – 544
  • Swoop Bike – 192
  • Landspeeder – 268
  • Sith Speeder – 183
  • Pod Racer – 108

I’ve put a new poll of a different topic. This one asks which is your preferred handheld gaming system of choice. I, myself, used to have a PSP, but it was lacking in quality games (although the idea of having a portable Street Fighter Alpha is quite intriguing). I sold it though and picked up a Nintendo DS (or two). All that stuff that Nintendo talked about, about the stylus and the dual screens offering different kinds of game play and how it’ll open up new possibilities. It’s all true. 16million+ users can’t all be wrong. It made me a believer. And when you listen to the philosophy behind their design approach and the view on the what video games should be, it all sounds so inviting, and promising in a way. Probably because they are the only video game company that I know of that is straying from the beaten path. I look forward to the Wii.

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