As reported recently, Amazon and have had a parting of ways. The results of that parting are now tangible online, as Amazon has set up its own toy section, and has opened a brand-new website. Be sure to check out the new look at both sites.

As for what this means to FBTB and our readers ~ several things. Our Amazon-TRU links lead you to the Amazon website, and we still participate in their Affiliates Program. We’ll work on getting the “-TRU” part removed from the link name. links will go directly to the new ToysRUs webpage. Finally, some interesting things have happened at the Amazon toy site. Some of their items are stocked and sold by Amazon, and that is good news because those items now qualify for their $25/free shipping offer as well as Amazon Prime benefits. However, other items are stocked and sold by 3rd-party sellers such as Target and eToys and thus do not qualify for the free shipping offers. When you shop at Amazon, note which vendor is shipping your item and the timeframe for shipping.

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