What’s up with Amazon/TRU.com this morning? I was checking prices and noted several items at 25% off, so I started changing the IPG. Then I took my son to school. When I got home….those items were no longer on special, but others were…and as I was creating this post, changes continued to be made. I think they’re working on it as I am! So, keeping in mind it’s the holiday season and these things change hourly, here’s a sampling of what I found:

SE Naboo Fighter $29.99
Bounty Hunter Pursuit $22.49
Super Battle Droid $26.24
Darth Maul Bust $112.49

Now every SW LEGO in stock is marked down 25% (as are most other LEGO items), and there’s still time for standard shipping in time for Christmas (and still free with $99 purchase)! Please notify me of changes during the day, and I’ll keep the guide as up-to-the-minute as I can.

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