image tweeted by @deadheadmel

So I’ve been using the Waze App’s C-3PO voice navigation since it debuted a few weeks ago to get in the spirit of The Force Awakens. Some of the quotes are hilarious and it seems like I hear something new like every other time I use it. But one thing I couldn’t figure out was how to get some of the Star Wars themed road goodies. Along your route, some of the road goodies you could run into are R2-D2, Kylo’s lightsaber, a Stormtrooper, BB-8, and some other Star Wars icons. I’d see tweets that have screen shots showing the goodies like the one above but couldn’t figure out how to see them myself. All I was getting was the default candy. I gave up and finally googled my answers and thanks to SlashGear, I finally have it enabled. To save you a click I’ll explain here how to get it:

  1. Open up the menu and go to My Waze
  2. Tap on “Teams”
  3. Tap on the Limited Edition “Star Wars The Force Awakens” team

And that’s it. I’m looking at my route now to go home and I can see a bunch of icons littered around the city. I may have to make a few detours to hit one of them. I have no idea what’s going to happen but I am determined to get at least one before this promo is over.

The Force Awakens opens today. Today! It’s like a dream come true… or a bad nightmare finally ending. Either way, today is the dawn of a new era. As cheesy as that sounds, it really is. It’s finally a reality. New Star Wars! And it’s not gonna suck! Download the Waze App and use the C-3PO voice navigation and Star Wars road goodies to help you get you to the theater.