One great thing about the design of the TIE-series of starfighters is its modular design. One can attach any number of wing configurations to the standard ball cockpit with arms and boom, instant fighter. Imgur user jazzbass’s son did just that and adapted his UCS TIE Fighter set into a UCS-style TIE Interceptor MOC. The proportions look spot on and looks fantastic next to the official TIE Fighter set. 75095 TIE Fighter is still one of my favorite UCS sets ever, and this mod to the official set makes me love it even more for its potential of making other TIE variants a reality. Bring on the TIE Defender!

Check out the full gallery over on imgur.

And if you haven’t picked one up yet, head on over to LEGO Shop@Home to get a copy of 75095 TIE Fighter for yourself. There’s a reason that it has a 5/5 star rating.