Knight freakin’ Rider. Soon you too will be able to fulfill your dreams of holding a minifig of the Hoff in your hands while you try making that cool wooo-wooo sound that KITT’s cyclopean eye made. WBIE sent over these images showing some of the new expansion packs coming out on February 10, 2017. Joining the LEGO David Hasselhoff minifigure and mini KITT from the The Knight Rider Fun Pack are two different packs for The LEGO Batman Movie: a Fun Pack with a silver armored Batman minifig and a Bionic Steed, and a Story Pack with Batgirl, Robin, and a Batwing. Check out Robin’s glasses! For those of you keeping score, you’ll need both packs to complete the LEGO Batman Movie gameplay experience, that is unless there are more unannounced Packs for that property.

You can preorder The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack right now off of Amazon. The two Fun Packs aren’t available yet, but we’ll be posting once they become pre-order-able.

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