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Ace Kim | April 1st, 2011 | LEGO Harry Potter, News

April Fools': Exclusive: 10225 Hogsmeade Village Series: Honeydukes Sweetshop

10225 Hogsmeade Village Series: Honeydukes Sweetshop

FINALLY, after weeks, if not months, of complaining that AFOL sites do not get exclusive set news, LEGO has heard our cries and seen the error of their ways. FBTB was given an exclusive scoop: 10225 Hogsmeade Village Series: Honeydukes Sweetshop is the first building in a series designed to recreate Hogsmeade, one building at a time. Next in the series is 10226 Three Broomsticks Inn, and it’s easy to speculate that we could be getting a Hog’s Head Pub (with Aberforth!) and maybe a new Shrieking Shack (new Wormtail or Lupin with the new werewolf hairpiece?)

10225 Hogsmeade Village Series: Honeydukes Sweetshop 10225 Hogsmeade Village Series: Honeydukes Sweetshop
10225 Hogsmeade Village Series: Honeydukes Sweetshop 10225 Hogsmeade Village Series: Honeydukes Sweetshop

Available exclusively through LEGO Shop@Home starting June 1, Honeyduke’s Sweetshop is priced at $89.99 for 972 pieces and has 5 minifigures, including Harry, Fred and George Weasley, and Mr. and Mrs. Flume. Honeydukes features two levels of the famous candy store, and even has the secret door to the cellar where the Weasley twins and Harry sneak into the village! Satisfy your sweet tooth with the first set in the Hogsmeade Village Series: Honeydukes Sweetshop!

At least now we know why the range of HP sets at Toy Fair was so anemic. More news on this awesome series as we get it!

Ace Kim | April 1st, 2011 | Forum, News

April Fools': Forum Avatars… Finally!

Finally, after years of neglect, I finally managed to convince Greg Hyland to provide avatars for the forums. The above is a sampling of what’s available. There are a total of 84 images drawn from the OT, PT and CW. We have plans for more Star Wars themed avatars, and have a roadmap in place for Harry Potter, Spiderman, and Batman, and more! So log in now to your account and choose your avatar!

Ace Kim | March 31st, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

April Fools': Lifelites’ LEDSaber: A Self-Contained Light-Up Lightsaber

You had me at self-contained. Rob Hendrix, the master craftsman behind has come up with a product that everyone and their sister will want for the Star Wars minifigs: a completely self-contained light up lightsaber. He’s sourced a manufacturer to create special batteries to his specifications to fit inside a standard LEGO lightsaber hilt. Simply plug in a lightsaber blade and voila! You have yourself a glowing lightsaber. No more wires, no more unremovable lightsabers, simply the best solution that everybody’s been waiting for. Rob says that the batteries should last anywhere between 8-12 months depending on usage. No word on cost yet as that has yet to be determined. For more information, hit up his site. I can hear the lightsaber sound effects now…

Ace Kim | April 2nd, 2010 | Site News

It Was Just a Joke

Well, another year’s gone by, and another prank is in the can.

Come on, now, the datestamp on the article should have been your first hint. If not, my one and only post on TBB being about knock-off Hello Kitty Duplo was another clue. And finally, all the people posting comments about it being April Fools’ Day should have been a dead giveaway.

To set the record straight: I am not leaving. I have not nor intend to sell the domain. My wife and I are not pregnant with our second child. Don really is waiting for his mail order bride, but from Japan. It’s rare I get to flex any creative muscle, and the prank post was just an exercise in writing.

I’d like to thank my staff for the brainstorming session on this year’s prank and a big thanks to Andrew over at The Brothers Brick for being my partner in crime.

Ace Kim | April 1st, 2010 | Site News


It’s time for me to step down.

I’ve taken a long, hard look at my life and the direction it’s been going. With a baby three and a half months old, and another on the way I came to the realization that sooner or later, something’s gonna give. And rather repeat the mistakes of my past, where my presence on the site was non-existent, I decided to be a little more proactive and step down from the duties as Editor in Chief of From Bricks To Bothans. This was not an easy decision to make. I’ve been wrestling with this issue for quite some time, ever since Leia was born to be exact. I’m sure my wife is sick of hearing me hem and haw about what to do. She’s been my rock far longer than I can remember; she’s encouraged me to keep the site and keep working on it but realistically that’s difficult to do now, and when the next baby comes, it’s going to be impossible.

I’ve spoken with the other administrators of the site, Nick, Don, and Ryan, and they all have their own issues and cannot shoulder the responsibility of taking over. Nick has a new house and I’m guessing will probably want to start a new family. Don’s still waiting for his mail order bride to ship from Russia. I’m totally kidding, he’s coming from Thailand. Okay, seriously, he’s facing possible unemployment and is looking for a job while working on his own house. Ryan has Carter and Connor, and last I know is working on his third kid. I’ve always said to my team that from day one their personal lives take priority and to work on the site when they have some down time. Truth of the matter is, with everyone’s life headed in their respective directions, no one has time anymore. And to be honest with you, there is no one else I can trust to take over the site. I’ve been involved since the beginning, and it’s been my baby since… gosh, maybe 2002 or so, maybe earlier. I’m not comfortable just handing it over to just anybody. It’s been a good run.

And just to set the record straight, this decision has nothing to do with the license possibly expiring in 2011. Even though no official announcement has been made, I’m willing to bet naming rights to my second kid that it will be extended for a few years more.

So what’s going to happen now? The domain has been sold to Andrew Becraft of The Brothers Brick. Despite our respective sites competing nature, he and I are great friends and I sought his advice on what to do. After much discussion, I’ve decided to sell the domain to Andrew. will either mirror TBB’s current site or forward a user directly. Nothing will change for at least a month. As part of the deal, I’ve taken a staff position with his site as a contributing writer. My experience, technical skills, and industry contacts will still benefit the LEGO AFOL community as a whole, just in a different capacity. I feel much more comfortable being a writer, as I can contribute when I can and not feel the pressure of keeping a site running.

The current ASS Model contest will be this site’s final hurrah, so to everyone who’s put the time and effort into entering, the contest will still go on.

I’m shutting down the forums. All forums and topics will be locked and preserved for posterity. I’ll leave the contest thread and one new forum open with this farewell message so you can post your thoughts and reactions and any questions. The chat room will eventually go away as well, just not sure when.

I’m all out of things to say. I hope that you can understand that this was not an easy decision, probably the most difficult one I’ve ever had to make. I’m still a little unsure if this is the best thing to do, but given what’s ahead in my life, I can only do what I think is right. To everyone who has supported this site, been a friend or foe to FBTB, to everyone I’ve ever met, there is nothing more I can say other than thank you. It is not enough to say just those two words, but nothing else I can say will ever come close to the appreciation I feel. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

Ace Kim | April 3rd, 2009 | News

All Star Wars, Most of the Time

While we had our little fun with April Fool’s day, I think nigh’s the time to revert back to what we all came here for. The Dunkin’ Donuts- er, I mean, LEGO Star Wars (and other licensed themes). We had originally planned to leave it up for a little while longer, but it seems that the more passionate members of our community are getting a little upset and impatient to say the least. To be honest, we would have changed it back April 2, but once we got all the graphics and stylesheets in place, we were surprised at how slick the theme looked overall so we wanted to keep it around for another day or two. We hope you all can understand. Did we push it a little too far? Probably. But in the end it was a very valuable learning experience for us and the lesson learned is that a lot of people can’t take a joke. The upside to it all is that It is very reassuring to see how passionate our community is for this site and the LEGO Star Wars theme. To those of you whom we’ve hurt, please forgive us; for we humbly apologize for toying with that which you care about. To those of you who “got it”, thank you; it made it that much more enjoyable.

We had no intention of truly converting to a Power Miners focused site, but we do hope that with all the attention we gave it, that some of you who wrote off this theme before will now give it a chance. The site’s theme may have been a joke, but our love for Power Miners is real. My personal favorite is the Thunder Driller. It was the bi-directional drill was what won me over; that, and it just looks friggin’ cool. Boulder Blaster and Granite Grinder are also staff favorites warranting their own reviews for our joke day. We can’t really recommend Crystal Sweeper for the terribad price per part ratio, but all the other sets in the theme are real winners in our book. And hey, if the great builds and vehicle designs don’t win you over, surely the cute little Rock Monsters will! Pick up a set today; you will be pleasantly surprised.

Long live Power Miners!

P.S. The building contest is real. Deadline’s been extended until April 17th 2009.