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Archive for February, 2010

Ace Kim | February 28th, 2010 | Sales News

Christmas Comes Early: Toys’R’Us BOGO 50% Off Til March 6

This week from February 28 through March 6, Toys’R’Us stores are having a Buy One Get One 50% off sale on ALL LEGO. To fully maximize your discount, both items should be the same price in order to realize a 25% off overall savings. Sucky thing is is that it excludes electronics, Star Wars, and Toy Story. Still, with a lot of sets at MSRP, it may be worth checking out. And to sweeten the deal for buying online, there is FREE shipping on all orders $100 or more. They don’t specify an end date for the free shipping promotion, it just says ‘offer ends today’ so it may mean today Sunday February 28th. Hit the banner below to check it out.

Ace Kim | February 26th, 2010 | News

10211 Grand Emporium Available March 1

I just got an email from the nice folks at LEGO saying that 10211 Grand Emporiumicon will be available starting Monday March 1, weeks ahead of schedule through LEGO Shop@Home. The email also had some nice detailed pictures of the minifigs and interior spaces, linked to below. Enjoy!

10211 – Grand Emporium
Ages 16+. 2,182 pieces.
US $149.99 CA $199.99 UK £ 139.99 DE € 149.99

Welcome to the grand opening of the Grand Emporium!

The LEGO® Modular Buildings series continues with this spectacularly detailed 3-story department store, designed in a realistic scale with lots of special building techniques and rare pieces. On the street outside, citizens carry shopping bags, send letters at the mailbox, admire the window mannequins, and cool off at the ice cream stand while a busy window washer works above. Enter through the revolving door to discover a ground-floor clothing department, complete with a cash register, fitting room, hats, jewelry, perfume, and even a selection of spare trousers. A brick-built escalator carries customers to the second floor housewares department with glassware and golden plates for special occasions, and then it’s up to the top floor for the toy department (complete with toy house and push-scooter) and a great big chandelier above the open atrium. Up on the roof are a billboard and skylight. Includes 7 minifigures and measures 15″ (38 cm) high and 10″ (25 cm) wide. Ages 16+. 2,182 pieces.

  • Includes 7 minifigures: 1 window cleaner, 1 female shop assistant, 1 genetleman and 1 lady with shopping bags, 1 boy plus 1 male and 1 female mannequin!
  • Enter the Grand Emporium through a revolving door that really spins!
  • The first floor has a clothing department with cash register, fitting room, hats, jewelery, perfume and more!
  • The second floor has a housewares department with glassware and golden plates!
  • Take the amazing brick-built escalator to the top floor of these 3-story department store!
  • The top floor is a toy department complete with toy house and push-scooter!
  • Grand Emporium features a big chandelier above the open atrium and even a skylight!
  • Lots of realistic details with a rooftop billboard and shoppers with shopping bags!
  • Raise and lower the window washer outside the building!
  • Send letters at the mailbox outside the Grand Emporium!
  • Admire the window mannequins from the street and stop at the ice cream stand for a treat!
  • Includes new inverted arches and rare elements like transparent 1×1 ‘headlight bricks’ and dark green windows!
  • Combine with other modular buildings like 10197 Fire Brigade and 10185 Green Grocer!
  • Measures 15″ (38 cm) high and 10″ (25 cm) wide!
10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium10211 Grand Emporium
Ace Kim | February 21st, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, News

7754 Home One 30% Off

This week from 2/21 through 2/27, Toys’R’Us is discounting 7754 Home Oneicon down 30% to $76.99. This deal is good both in store and online. If you missed out on the multiple Christmas sale bonanzas, now’s your chance to make up for it. FBTB had a role in seeing Home One become a reality when we hosted a live chat with LEGO and TRU reps in helping flesh out ideas for the three sets, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Ace Kim | February 17th, 2010 | LEGO Toy Story, News

LEGO Toy Story 3 New Images: Lotso’s Dump Truck, Western Train Chase

The Collectible Minifig Packs were not the only no-shows at the Toy Fair Collector Event. The fall assortment of the Toy Story sets were were also notably absent as Disney called in an 11th hour Order 66 and had LEGO pull the sets from their both along with the fifth Prince of Persia set, all to avoid revealing spoilers about the movie. I can’t really blame them for doing that to be honest with you, but I honestly doubt that knowing about the LEGO sets in advance would take away one’s enjoyment of the third franchise installment. I doubt it would have the same cinematic and mind-numbing impact as SPOILER-ALERT knowing beforehand about Leonard Nimoy’s cameo appearance in Star Trek; knowing THAT would have greatly detracted from the huge OMIGOD moment when he turned around.

But I digress. posted a brief overview of the Toy Story 3 toys coming out later this year to promote the movie and keep the merchandising train going. Among the images posted were two large pictures of unreleased LEGO Toy Story sets, one is 7789 Lotso’s Dump Truck (MSRP $19.99) and the other 7597 Western Train Chase (MSRP $79.99) with the first ever clear picture of Rex! Both images are rehosted below. Click on the title to go to the flickr page, the picture to view the full-sized image. No pictures of the third set, as that is probably the spoiler of the movie that Disney is trying to contain.

Thanks to forum member Jargon for the tip.

Ace Kim | February 16th, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Target MINIs Appearing

Target stores across the U.S. are starting to clear out their Valentine’s holiday section and prepping for Easter. Some forum regulars are reporting that they have been able to purchase two new LEGO Star Wars MINI sets, 30050 Republic Attack Shuttle and 30051 X-wing Fighter. My local stores were in the middle of the reset so stock may be rolling in by the end of the week at the latest. In addition to the LEGO themed polybags, there are also some CITY and Duplo sets. YMMV.

Oh, and I so called it.

Ace Kim | February 16th, 2010 | News

CLARIFICATION: Collectible Minifig Packs Series 2 Image Preliminary

It should be noted, if it isn’t obvious from the get go, that the image shown below of the Collectible Minifig Packs Series 2 is preliminary and does not reflect final product. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. I am hoping to get final pictures sometime in the very near future and when I do I will post them to the flickr account and report it here.

Collectible Minifig Series
Ace Kim | February 15th, 2010 | News

2010 LEGO Toy Fair Coverage Complete

I’ve finally finished organizing the LEGO Toy Fair 2010 coverage page. Links are organized by theme, then by set. You can also view the collection page at flickr for the same effect.

There are tons of cool things to see, but honestly, one of my favorites has got to be this little guy:

LEGO Toy Fair 2010 - Space Police - 5984 Lunar Limo - 5
Ace Kim | February 15th, 2010 | Sales News Free Shipping Today Only 2/15

Have you taken advantage of the Toys’R’Us 20% off sale yet? If you’re short on time and can’t make it out to a store, you can order online and get FREE SHIPPING today only, 2/15/2010. The only catch is that your order total has to be $100 or more to qualify. Below is the list of sets that are 20% off. Happy shopping!

Ace Kim | February 14th, 2010 | News

Collectible Minifig Packs No Show @ Toy Fair

The Collectible Minifig Packs were a no show at Toy Fair this year. LEGO decided to pull them at the last minute, only to bring them out again for the regular show attendees (i.e. buyers and I suppose “real” press). No satisfactory reason was given, at least none that made any sense to me.

ANYWAYS, all griping aside, the press kit did come with a pic of the series 2 selection. Some stats:

Series 1:
» $1.99 USD
» $2.99 CAD
» Available in June

Series 2:
» $1.99 USD
» $2.99 CAD
» Available in September

Pardon the poor photo, but I did the best I could with my camera and available light and cleaned it up as much as possible. Check it out below:

Collectible Minifig Series
Ace Kim | February 14th, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, News

2010 LEGO Star Wars Exclusives

While the pics are still uploading, I decided to dive into the goodie bag to see what else was inside. With the goodie bag came this really nice booklet of the 2010 LEGO Star Wars line up. Inside is a page listing the 2010 exclusives along with the with the minifigs that come with each set. Unfortunately what it doesn’t say is which account which exclusive goes with. In any case, here’s the list:

  • Cad Bane’s Speeder; comes with Cad Bane, Shahan Alama, Elite Assassin Droid, Senate Commando Captain, Senate Commando
  • Republic Swamp Speeder (ALREADY KNOWN); comes with Barriss Offee, Clone Trooper, Super Battle Droid, Battle Droid x2
  • Luke’s Landspeeder (ALREADY KNOWN); comes with Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, C-3PO, Ben Kenobi, Stormtrooper
  • AT-AT Walker; comes with C-3PO, Hoth Rebel, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Snowtrooper x2, AT-AT Driver, General Veers

There is also a relief print of White Boba Fett, but no information as to how to obtain one. As far as I know, the figure is limited to 150, and given out to attendees of the 2010 LEGO Toy Fair Collector’s Event.

I’m totally guessing here, but I’m going to put it out there that Cad Bane’s Speeder is a Target exclusive seeing as to how Walmart and Toys’R’Us already have Luke’s Landspeeder and Republic Swamp Speeder respectively as their account exclusives. The AT-AT walker may be a Shop@Home exclusive, much like the Tantive IV and the Motorized AT-AT set.