There was a weird phase in LEGO’s polybag line where they didn’t include the name of the set anywhere on the bag or instructions. 30115 is one of those kinds of sets but thanks to the power of the internet, I found out it’s official name is Jungle Boat.

There’s a tendency in the LEGO Friends theme to use a more colorful palette that leans on pinks and purples and teals in order to appeal more to girls. And 30115 Jungle Boat is not immune to it. I don’t have a problem with it, I’m sure LEGO’s done their research into what girls like and created a whole design language around it to achieve sales goals. What I do have a problem with though is LEGO trying to prettify a normal thing in a non-sensical way. In this case it’s the boat that you build.

By polybag standards, it’s nothing spectacular or noteworthy. The color scheme is pretty horrendous with the lime green, pink, grey, and white elements. The actual model of the boat looks like an airboat with the above water propeller. There’s a control stick that the included minidoll of Olivia can actually grab while seated. But why the heck are there flowers on it? I mean yeah the set’s for girls but does LEGO think that adding flowers is the only way to make girly, or appeal to girls? Why can’t girls just like a regular speedboat without accessorizing it?

There’s a walkie talkie that you can clip on to either side of the boat. That’s one thing about LEGO sets that always makes me smile: equipment that’s just clipped onto the side of a vehicle, be it a spaceship, city vehicle, or a jungle airboat.

This version of Olivia isn’t unique, but it has only been found in one other set so I guess it’s semi-rare. That’s probably the only thing that this set has going for it. There’s also a small lily pad with a frog and a flower. See, now the flower placement here totally makes sense.

Does It Suck Or Does It Rock?

This set sucks! The boat is ugly with its hideous color combination. The flowers jammed onto it to make it more appealing to girls is a bit on the insulting side.


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