Update: An earlier draft of this post incorrectly stated that the minifigures will come 30 to a box. It has been corrected to 36 per box.

LEGO is changing up the format of the Collectible Minifigures line. The first change is the reduction of the number of minifigures in a set. There are only 12 this time instead of the usual 16 for a non-licensed set. The other change is that there will be only 30 36 to a box instead of the usual 60. A third change is that the bags will be of the taller variety.

The minifigures you can get in this series are: Centaur Warrior, Shipwreck Survivor, Pug Costume Guy, Beekeeper, Ladybug Girl, Violin Kid, Alien, Space Police Guy, Ancient Warrior, Airplane Girl, Cabaret Singer and Paddle Surfer.

Not sure what the reasoning is behind making only 12 this round. Maybe they’re running out of ideas. Maybe the ROI isn’t that great. Maybe people are buying less of them. Maybe the market is done with them. I mean, you can buy an unopened box of the DC minifigures right now. I want to say that LEGO sold a box of TLM2 figures too but I’m not 100% sure about that. This sort of thing would have been unheard of in the earlier series.

Also, with 12 minfigiures and 30 36 to a box, it keeps the math dumb: 2 and a half sets of figures per box. it keeps the Math nice and even:  3 full sets per box, making it easy to split amongst your LUG mates.

They should have included a volleyball accessory with Shipwreck Survivor.

71029 Series 21 will be available starting January 1, 2021. Each bag will cost $4.99.

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