How about some dad jokes? What do you call a snail? A booger with a crash helmet. The tally so far:

  • City: 8/7
  • Harry Potter: 9/6
  • Star Wars: 10/5

Let’s see what’s in store for us today.

City (Nick)

We get another character, from the robbers side of things, named Daisy Kaboom. I love this figure, that hair piece is great, and the jacket is as well. The little robber mask is a great touch too… though I ask why she’s holding handcuffs?

Harry Potter (Eric)

Another palette swap from last year. These things suck. Nothing says filler like two smaller versions of another day’s build.

Star Wars (Ace)

Now THIS is a podracer!

You’re welcome.

Okay, maybe three-in-row themed builds are a thing ’cause this is supposed to be Anakin’s Podracer. It’s a pretty terrible build to be honest mostly because it took me a couple seconds to realize what it was supposed to be. It just doesn’t work. Meh. Unless there’s a micro Sebulba’s Podracer build tomorrow then this one ain’t all that appealing.

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