Pepa Quin found the entire 2010 LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Toy Story line up at his local Toys’R’Us, and it’s not looking good:

PepaBroke: Freeco Speeder – $29.99
PepaBroke: for 177 pieces
PepaBroke: TIE Defender – $54.99
PepaBroke: for 308 pieces
PepaBroke: ARC-170 – $64.99
PepaBroke: for less then 400 pieces
PepaBroke: what a ****ing rip off
PepaBroke: (I may not have remembered the piece count exactly)
PepaBroke: got the two battle packs ($12.99) and the tri-droid fighter ($29.99)
PepaBroke: they had RC ($21.99), army men (12.99) Buzz Statue ($25.99) and Woody’s Roundup ($54.99)

Mind you these are TRU prices, which tend to be higher than actual MSRP. Take for instance the TIE Defender set. TRU Price: $54.99, actual MSRP: I would guess to be $49.99. Still, with the markup in mind, one has to wonder how much more fleecing the fan base can take. With what we had to endure from the outrageously, and I mean OUTRAGEOUSLY, and you know I’m being deadly serious when I use caps, overpriced MINIFIG packs that were this year’s San Diego Comic Con exclusives, I guess LFL and TLG are expecting everyone to just bend over for next year’s assortment.

This is getting ridiculous.

My only hope is that the LEGO Toy Story release is a lot closer to something called reasonable. When Woody’s Roundup was exposed at for $49.99, it later rose to $54.99, leading one to believe that the first price tag was actual MSRP. And for just over 500 pieces, 3 minifigs and Bullseye, it really hit the sweet spot, something the LEGO Star Wars line has been lacking for a long time. As soon as more real data becomes available, it would be interesting to see which would be the better value for the money. But I’m placing my bets on Toy Story.