So now that the forum has been nuked to (hopefully) eradicate (and irradiate!) the zombie threat, what’s a gal to do? Oh, just kidding, we don’t have any girls on FBTB. 😉

It’s time to dust off your models, pull out your bins, and spend some quality time getting to know your Lego collection again. It’s “Shut Up and Build!” Week.

Between now and the opening of the new FBTB, you’ve got a week to build to your heart’s content, and when we open so fresh and so clean clean, you can share your creations with the world! As busy as we are putting together our new home on the interwebs, even the staff is taking part in this week of building fun. We’ll be posting our creations along with the rest of you in a week!

Hit the bricks, people!

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