FBTB Comics by Greg Hyland #1

Got an email earlier tonight from a reader pointing out that one of our links on our Features page was broken: Greg’s Comics. When we switched themes, I did a bit of housekeeping and I guess that page got deepsixed. Well thank god for Archive.org because after a few minutes of digging I managed to find them all!

And while I was hunting for Greg’s stuff, I remembered we had two other attempts at making a web comic. One series by the late Mike Crowley, and another by Paul Lee. I’ve compiled them all into a single post, and here they all are.

Greg’s Comics

Greg Hyland is still drawing his Lethargic Lad web comic. Apparently he was just at FanExpo Vancouver this past weekend. It’s good to see he’s doing well and still very active in the comics industry. Greg is also on twitter and Facebook. Pop on over to the Lethargic Lad site and give his comics a read!

And here they are, all 52 comics by Greg Hyland:

Well Played by Mike Crowley

Mike Crowley, aka Count Blockula, was a contributor on the site for some time. He was an active member of our forums, an artist, and more importantly a good friend. He passed away a couple of years ago. For the brief time he was alive, I felt like I won the lottery. Not only did I exist in the same time and space that he did, but got to know him and be a small part of his life and he a part of mine. His flickr account is still up and running. He was talented beyond belief and you can peruse his feed to see all of his awesome MOCs.

These are all of the comics I found that he did for us, 18 in total:

Studs by Paul Lee

This was a short-lived attempt at another comic series. Not entirely sure why it stopped, but I have a feeling I was too controlling. There was a lot of potential for this one and I am kind of sad it didn’t go beyond the handful of strips we did. Ah well.

More FBTB Comics?

I’d love to have a web comic going again but I lack the humor and skill to do it myself. Any AFOL artists out there want to team up and start a new series?