Earlier today, StarWars.com posted photos and a short interview with the set’s design director Jens Kronvold Frederiksen for the upcoming, adult-targeted 75294 Bespin Duel set. Because it’s the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, LEGO and Lucas wanted to create a special set with THE most iconic scene from the film.

How do I know it’s adult-targeted? Well for one it’s for 18+, and two, because it’s in the fancy packaging like the UCS A-wing was. It’s clearly meant to be a desktop or shelf piece because of the fancy 40th anniversary plate.

The pricing is a bit of a joke though because for the 295 pieces you get in the box, you’ll have to shell out $39.99. But this will probably be the cheapest to get an arm-printed Vader so it’s got that going for it, which is nice. That theory I had about sets getting cheaper the higher the age group they target went completely out the window.

The choice for Luke’s hair element really bothers me.

The article states that it will be exclusively at Target.com. The release date is September 1, but the site itself says available on 8/26. Hopefully it won’t be another 501st situation and that it will actually be available to order from there.

I won’t argue that it is the most iconic scene in the movie, heck, I’d even argue it’s the best scene in the entire franchise. And for that, it’s almost worth it. But I can easily wait for a sale on this, and you should too.

Images lifted from StarWars.com


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