Target seems to be the Toys’R’Us when it comes to receiving product early. There’s been some chatter in our discord channel for the glorified 501st Clone Trooper battle pack and Target set a shipping date of 8/14 on their website, ahead of the 9/1 release date, see?

Set will cost you $29.99 once it’s available. REDCard holders will enjoy a 5% discount and free shipping once available. In-store purchasing may happen on or around that day and will most likely be a crap shoot based on how bare and sparse the LEGO aisles have been lately.’s listing purposefully obscures the ship date, perhaps to give Target the edge? I mean, can’t really point to Target and say, “Buy it at Target”. They could, they just choose not to. My suggestion is to try Target online and save yourself a trip out into Pandemic Land. I’ll try and keep an eye out and make another post because we need the financial support affiliate links provide.

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