Going to be honest, I know nothing about the Pikmin games. I remember the first one being a title when I had a GameCube, but wasn’t one I ever picked up despite hearing people rave on it. I also never played the second, never owned a Wii so didn’t play the re-release, and bought a WiiU used just to play Zelda games. I’ve got nothing against the game, I’ve just never played it or even read up on it.

Clearly, though, I’ve missed something, because my various news feeds and social media are blowing up at the announcement that the 3rd installment, originally on the WiiU, along with all of its DLC is getting a re-release on the Switch October 30th. The Switch has given a lot of titles people missed out on new life, and opened up a bunch of new audiences. Maybe this will be the time I give it a try.

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