With practically every March-release set focusing on Episode III, the August wave gives us OT fans a great selection of sets. If you want to avoid spoilers for the Advent Calendar, they are listed last, so avoid scrolling any further past the Star Destroyer images. I’ll save the commentary for later, for now, enjoy the photo dump.

75048 Phantom

234 pieces
$29.99 USD / $29.99 CAD
Available in August

QO5C3666 QO5C3667 QO5C4248 QO5C4140 QO5C3690 QO5C3689 QO5C3688 QO5C3687 QO5C3673 QO5C3672 QO5C3671 QO5C3670 QO5C3669 QO5C3668

75049 Snowspeeder

279 pieces
$29.99 USD / $39.99 CAD
Available in August

QO5C3658 QO5C4247 QO5C4155 QO5C4154 QO5C4153 QO5C4152 QO5C4151 QO5C4150 QO5C4149 QO5C4148 QO5C3663 QO5C3662 QO5C3661 QO5C3660 QO5C3659

75050 B-Wing

448 pieces
$49.99 USD / $59.99 CAD
Available in August

QO5C3646 QO5C3647 QO5C4246 QO5C4245 QO5C4244 QO5C4243 QO5C4242 QO5C4147 QO5C4146 QO5C4145 QO5C4144 QO5C4143 QO5C4142 QO5C4141 QO5C3655 QO5C3654 QO5C3653 QO5C3652 QO5C3651 QO5C3650 QO5C3649 QO5C3648

75051 Jedi Scout Fighter

490 pieces
$59.99 USD / $74.99 CAD
Available in August

QO5C3676 QO5C4249 QO5C3686 QO5C3685 QO5C3684 QO5C3683 QO5C3682 QO5C3681 QO5C3680 QO5C3679 QO5C3678 QO5C3677

75052 Mos Eisley Cantina

616 pieces
$69.99 USD / $89.00 CAD

QO5C3726 QO5C3727 QO5C4251 QO5C4129 QO5C3756 QO5C3755 QO5C3754 QO5C3753 QO5C3752 QO5C3751 QO5C3750 QO5C3749 QO5C3748 QO5C3747 QO5C3746 QO5C3745 QO5C3744 QO5C3743 QO5C3742 QO5C3741 QO5C3740 QO5C3739 QO5C3738 QO5C3737 QO5C3736 QO5C3735 QO5C3734 QO5C3733 QO5C3732 QO5C3731 QO5C3730 QO5C3729 QO5C3728

75053 The Ghost

929 pieces
$89.99 USD / $109.99 CAD

QO5C3693 QO5C3694 QO5C3695 QO5C3696 QO5C3697 QO5C3698 QO5C3699 QO5C3700 QO5C3701 QO5C3702 QO5C3703 QO5C3704 QO5C3705 QO5C3706 QO5C4133 QO5C4134 QO5C4135 QO5C4136 QO5C4137 QO5C4138 QO5C4139 QO5C4250

75054 AT-AT

1,137 pieces
$99.99 USD / $129.99 CAD
Available in August

QO5C3709 QO5C3710 QO5C4252 QO5C4132 QO5C4131 QO5C3720 QO5C3719 QO5C3718 QO5C3717 QO5C3716 QO5C3715 QO5C3714 QO5C3713 QO5C3712 QO5C3711

75055 Imperial Star Desroyer

1,359 pieces
$129.99 USD / $149.99 CAD
Available in August

QO5C3723 QO5C4253 QO5C4130 QO5C4128 QO5C4127 QO5C4126 QO5C4125 QO5C4124 QO5C4123 QO5C4122 QO5C4121 QO5C4120 QO5C4119 QO5C4118 QO5C4117 QO5C4116 QO5C4115 QO5C4114 QO5C4113 QO5C4112

75056 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

274 pieces
$39.99 USD / $49.99 CAD
Available in September

QO5C3759 QO5C3760 QO5C3767 QO5C3766 QO5C3765 QO5C3764 QO5C3763 QO5C3762 QO5C3761