336 pieces
Available in June

We purposefully forewent covering any sets that were scheduled for March, this includes Super Heroes, and Star Wars, simply because they should already be hitting store shelves right now. This was the only Super Heroes set revealed at the show that wasn’t slated for March, 76022 X-Men 1, which is probably a working title. Not even a new Batman set was shown. Some observations: The Sentinel makes great use of the new micro ball joints found prominently in the Mixels line. Storm’s cape was made of a fabric material that was different than the normal material used for previously seen capes. Also, her cape actually attaches at her wrists. This is a great minifigure of Ororo Munroe of her original costume. Now that being said since it is not mohawk Storm, I am still disappointed. Cyclops looks good, but feels a little lazy. A custom headpiece with an actual visor would have been nice. Wolverine looks fantastic with a new headprint that is doublesided. One side looks like he is wearing shades or a visor, which may look a little funny, but makes total sense once you put his mask on. THIS IS WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE WITH BATMAN. The jet is a good size and can fit all of the minifigs. It has a nice heft with a high swoosh factor. Anyways, on to the pictures:

QO5C4076 QO5C4109 QO5C4108 QO5C4107 QO5C4106 QO5C4105 QO5C4104 QO5C4103 QO5C4102 QO5C4101 QO5C4100 QO5C4099 QO5C4098 QO5C4097 QO5C4096 QO5C4095 QO5C4094 QO5C4093 QO5C4092 QO5C4091 QO5C4090 QO5C4089 QO5C4088 QO5C4087 QO5C4086 QO5C4085 QO5C4084 QO5C4083 QO5C4082 QO5C4081 QO5C4080 QO5C4079 QO5C4078 QO5C4077