Daredevil #31 - LEGO Spider-man VariantDaredevil #31 - LEGO Spider-man Sketch Variant
Daredevil #31

New comic book day this week (Wednesday, always Wednesdays) brings us our second two covers promoting the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game. I was very lucky to get both of last weeks covers, but my local shop only gets in 5 copies of Daredevil and I was surprised they get that many honestly. I can’t remember the last time I read a good Daredevil arc, but Marvel has managed to make me want to buy an issue regardless.


Midtown Comics

If you’d like to support local businesses, hit up the Comic Shop Locator and punch in your zip code. Gooker1 informed me last week and told me his local shop was selling the color variants for $10 bucks a pop, so shopping locally may save you some coin.

Infinity #3 - LEGO VariantInfinity #3 - LEGO Sketch Variant
Infinity #3