Iron Patriot

Update: Clarified the pre-order terms.

GoNintendo has published an article today outlining the various retailer exclusives for when you pre-order LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. That exclusive we were all expecting GameStop to have? Well it looks like the big blue W has it. Walmart’s pre-order bonus is none other than Iron Patriot. The article states you have to pre-order the console version, so no cheap handheld love for us gamers on the go. There are no details yet on their web page, and they only list the Xbox360 version online, so you may have to head to a b&m store to get your pre-order in.

I have to say, this is a really, really, sh***y way to get Iron Patriot. Look, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes looks like a FANTASTIC game by its own right. There is no reason to restrict a CORE character from the Iron Man 3 movie as a pre-order exclusive. Out of all the characters in the Marvel Universe, THIS is the guy they go with? It sucks to be that kid who goes to see the movie and wants to play with his LEGO Iron Man toys and not have an Iron Patriot to go with it. Nope, sorry, gotta wait til October when the game comes out. There are 42 versions of Iron Man’s armor, why not pick one of those for crying out loud?

Yeah, I’m pissed. Stupid, stupid move.

Thanks go to Chris White for writing it in.