Brent Waller has hit the trifecta with his third Ghostbusters themed set concept to hit 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas. This time around it’s the completely harmless (unless you’re a church or a pencil-necked EPA stooge) Mr Stay Puft.

I loved both Waller’s original Ecto-1 submission and the huge firehouse build, but if I’m being totally honest I’ve never really felt this one. It’s just seems off to me and that is mostly the usual issue of trying to fit a round build into a square brick. I’d love to see Marcos Bessa’s take on Brent’s design, but I also think the overall size, even if the parts count was cut nearly in half would be too prohibitive.

I’ll admit though, amongst Brent’s other builds he does look right at home. If this does see the flickering florescent light of store shelves, I would absolutely love a Louis Telly minifgure. We miss you Rick.

One way or another, we won’t have long to wait for a Stay Puft minifigure and I wish all the luck possible to Brent on trying to catch lightning in a bottle for a second time.