Brewster from our discord channel shared some pics of his recent mail haul which includes a Supergirl minifig from the DC Fandome giveaway. Not only did he win one, he won two of them! That just means if you entered multiple times, and who didn’t, you may be receiving more than one. It also means that there was no filtering done to prevent winners from getting more than one. Hopefully, the majority of the people who entered will get at least one.

Brewster said that all of the figures are being mailed out from a warehouse in Nevada. I imagine the figures will be hitting mailboxes in the next couple of days as the mail radiates out from there depending on your local USPS service.

Congrats to Brewster and everyone else lucky enough to win (at least) one!

Thanks to Brewster for letting me use his pics. Visit his YouTube channel.


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