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Review : 10185 Green Grocer

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Review : 10185 Green Grocer

Postby bigospedros » Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:24 pm

Name: Green Grocer (10185)
Theme: Modular Buildings
Year: 2008
Pieces: 2352
Minifigs: 4
Price: £99.99 (RRP)

According to most folks, this is the best of the Modular Buildings series to date. I missed it at the time, but wanted to get it. I found a seller on Gumtree who agreed to sell it to me for (say it quickly, then it doesn't seem too bad) £200. I was somewhat hesitant at that price, but I'm glad I took the plunge.

No pictures of the box or the parts in the bags (which were numbered) cos, well, I forgot :P

Stage 1 : Pieces for bags 1, sorted and the baseplates set up

Green Grocer 01 by bigospedros, on Flickr

As usual, the first thing to build are the minifigs - nothing special here, although the dude in the top hat is pretty cool :

Green Grocer 02 by bigospedros, on Flickr

As seems obligatory with the Modular Buildings, you start with a tiled pavement and a swanky floor amongst the foundations

Green Grocer 04 by bigospedros, on Flickr

There's a nice little detail here though and one that you probably can't see once the final model is built. It's a mouse hole in the wall and behind there, a little mouse and a block of cheese. Nice touch, Lego designers ... nice touch.

Green Grocer 05 by bigospedros, on Flickr

The building, it's interior and the bay window start to take shape ... getting several printed letters really brought back memories of my little yellow post van from when I was a kid!

Green Grocer 06 by bigospedros, on Flickr

More of the interior, including the detail for the fridge, the baskets of fruit and the nice architectural detailing of the brickwork.

Green Grocer 07 by bigospedros, on Flickr

The back gets a little detail, although not quite as much as more recent models :

Green Grocer 08 by bigospedros, on Flickr

Eventually, the ground floor is complete ... there's some really nice detailing here. The building technique to get the bottom of the upper bay window is pretty intricate.

Green Grocer 09 by bigospedros, on Flickr

Green Grocer 10 by bigospedros, on Flickr

Green Grocer 11 by bigospedros, on Flickr

And an aerial view, so you can see the shop contents and the stairs going at a right angle

Green Grocer 12 by bigospedros, on Flickr

The second floor starts to take shape, complete with fire escape out the back, balconies at the front and another bay window

Green Grocer 13 by bigospedros, on Flickr

The fire escape is a fiddly affair to get the angles right, but once correct it's effective. It just reminds me of episodes of Friends!

Green Grocer 14 by bigospedros, on Flickr

And here you see the pretty neat construction of some posh velvet curtains. I wondered what these were until I took this picture!

Green Grocer 15 by bigospedros, on Flickr

And the rest of the building takes shape, with more detailing on the walls, the bay window and another little detail with the cat at the top of the stairs! One floor down lil kitty if you want that mouse!!

Green Grocer 16 by bigospedros, on Flickr

The completed windows, complete with swanky curtains in the background

Green Grocer 17 by bigospedros, on Flickr

And the completed fire escape ladder

Green Grocer 18 by bigospedros, on Flickr

The next floor up starts as below ... with the beginnings of the feature furniture

Green Grocer 19 by bigospedros, on Flickr

Here we see the radiator, which is a nice touch, and the slanted roof parts, since this is in the attic

Green Grocer 20 by bigospedros, on Flickr

Completed Grandfather clock and rug ... a bit more furniture would've been nice though

Green Grocer 21 by bigospedros, on Flickr

The front of the 3rd tier is complete. The bay window construction is again very detailed and the peaked roof is a cool touch

Green Grocer 23 by bigospedros, on Flickr

Stairs up to the roof terrace

Green Grocer 24 by bigospedros, on Flickr

The roof ... not much to say here

Green Grocer 25 by bigospedros, on Flickr

The roof terrace takes shape ...

Green Grocer 26 by bigospedros, on Flickr

and is then complete ... some nice touches here, including the BBQ and tables & chairs

Green Grocer 27 by bigospedros, on Flickr

The completed model ... front :

Green Grocer 29 by bigospedros, on Flickr

and back :

Green Grocer 30 by bigospedros, on Flickr

In summary, it's a really nice model. Is it the best Modular Building ? No, I don't think it is ... it's certainly a great model, but I think the Fire Brigade and Pet Shop ones are better. Still, this was before them, so it just shows development in the line. I'm glad I made the purchase though, because it looks great amongst the other buildings in the line.

Value: 10/10 (based on the RRP. Probs only 7/10 for what I paid!)
Build Quality: 10/10
Accuracy: 10/10
Swoosh Factor: n/a
Play Features: 7/10
Minifigs: 7/10
Final Score (Average): 8.8
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