Sony put out a new State of Play video today, their version of a Direct. It was about 30 minutes of commercials for upcoming games headed to the PS5. A few interesting things, but mostly things that really didn’t move the needle for. That is until they got to the end where they revealed some Final Fantasy VII Remake announcements.

First up is Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Intergrade looks like a very short DLC episode that will introduce another original cast member, Yuffie Kisaragi.


The other is that FFVIIR is being tuned for PS5 with upgraded textures, lighting, new photo mode, faster load times, and probably more. The PS5 version will be a free upgrade for PS4 users. Disc owners of PS4 will need the disc version of a PS5 console to get the free digital upgrade. Yuffie’s episode will be available for purchase after upgrading to the PS5 version.

Yeah, “for purchase”. Hopefully it’ll be reasonably priced. I can’t imagine it being more than $10.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 Upgrade and Intergrade will be available worldwide starting on June 10, 2021. A good day to call in sick, I’d say.

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