We’ve had precious little information about the Metroid Prime 4 game in development for Nintendo Switch since it was announced at E3 in 2017. In fact, the only information that we’d gotten was that it was in development, and that the studio that made the previous three Prime games, Retro Studios, wasn’t involved in this one.

Nintendo released an update, of sorts, that gives us no new information on the game except that they’re starting development over, and that Retro is now doing it. This is really a good news / bad news situation. While there hadn’t been a release date given for Metroid, the general belief was sometime in 2019. Samus Returns had been a success, and clearly there was a market there for it (even if she’s not a great character in Smash Ultimate). Now, they’re starting over, but also giving it to the team that has done the previous games.

They didn’t give an updated release date, since they haven’t given one before, but I’d say the most liberal estimate wouldn’t put it before Holiday 2020, if not into 2021, before we see it. The Swtich will be getting a little long in the tooth at that point, so it’s likely we could be seeing it show up with a hardware rev of some sort (or a next gen version)… we will just need to wait and see.

Maybe we can get the old studio to do some remasters of the other Prime games for the Switch in the meantime?


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