Price On UCS BB-8 Keeps Dropping

A great set with a price that keeps dropping. A sign of the times?


The UCS BB-8 set, set number 75187, was seeing about a 20% discount late last year, then it jumped back up to MSRP, and more recently it was seeing a 29% discount. Today, however, the set sees a new low at 33% off. This price is available at both Amazon and Walmart.

75187 BB-8

We reviewed 75187 BB-8 here on the site and ended up giving it 5 out 5 stars. It’s a great set and provides a great learning opportunity for new builders on how a spherical object can be achieved using the Lowell Sphere method. it’s makes for a nice desktop accessory and even if you’re not into building it and keeping it built and are looking at it for a pile of parts, you could do worse. The set has 1,106 pieces, a lot of it in white, and a lot plates. All of that for $67 plus tax, it’s a great bargain.

Now, all the positives aside, it’s clear that there is too much supply and not enough demand. There is a finite amount of space at retailers warehouses, so anything sitting around not moving is just taking up space and not making any money. In fact it is costing the company more to basically store unsold sets instead using the space for sets that sell better.

If we look at the demand side, it could be that the set just isn’t that great and most fans don’t want it. I still stand by my review score because it’s not a bad set. It offers a lot for what it is. I mean, it’s certainly no UCS Porg. I can imagine that set being deeply discounted in the near future.

If we look at the supply side, it could be a case of over production. Nick and I shared a conversation over the holidays about how at our local Target stores, the day before Christmas and even after, there were still a good selection of LEGO available on the shelves. It’s quite a contrast compared to years prior where the shelves were completely bare save for a few crushed boxes. He’s working on an article right now that speaks about this, this pseudo-issue that LEGO seems to be having that I’m alluding to. I’m hoping he can finish it and post. Until then, there is no shortage of sales on LEGO sets at the moment.

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