Marvel Super Heroes To Be In The LEGO Movie Sequel?


In a recent press junket for 22 Jump Street, had the opportunity to ask writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller about the unnamed LEGO Movie sequel. And they were able to not confirm anything! That’s right. The idea of including Marvel characters in the sequel has been making the rounds around the media. While both Lord and Miller have expressed interest in adding Marvel’s cast of super heroes into the mix, there is understandably a certain degree of red tape to deal with make anything like that happen. I’m not holding my breath. But this Yahoo! Movies does detail what we DO know about the film and what Lord and Miller are up to. Expect something Benny-centric.

In the meantime, enjoy the exclusive clip that will be included on the Blu-Ray for The LEGO Movie. The LEGO Movie will be released on Tuesday June 17th.