Well, the first teaser for the LEGO Batman Movie is here and it reminded me that this is the 9th Bat-centric film the studio has made.

It also showed a pattern that, for me, gives hope of enjoyment for this unnecessary yet no doubt profitable spin-off.

Batman – Good!
Batman Returns – Good!
Batman Forever – Bad ūüôĀ
Batman & Robin – Bad ūüôĀ
Batman Begins – Good!
The Dark Knight – Good!
The Dark Knight Rises – Bad ūüôĀ
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – It’s too early to… I haven’t even seen… Bad ūüôĀ

If that pattern keeps up, Batman’s swerve into the “Animated Superhero Comedy Movie” category should be one I’ll enjoy.

Fingers crossed, because the best way to fill me with confidence is not a beat boxing Batman.