What’s better than a Batgirl CMF? A Batgirl polybag!


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The Batgirl polybag is a single minifigure polybag with just the minifig and some accessories. Batgirl comes with a utility belt, a cape, and three batarangs but I assume she’s only supposed to have two and one of them is extra as these things tend to be. There’s also an extra bonus utility belt included.

The torso printing is super simple and gets my stamp of approval. There’s also printing on the arms and dual-molded legs.

Batgirl doesn’t have that weird headband that Batman does so her actual eyes peek through the eye slits of her cowl.

This is the first Batgirl in this form that I’ve actually assembled, so it was neat to see how the ponytail was done. Maybe I don’t have enough of an imagination but it makes both pieces rather single purpose, like hinge bricks. They only really belong together and I would imagine any builder would be hard-pressed to find another use for them.

The surprising thing about this minifigure is that there are three different versions of it with the only difference between them being the double-sided head. Each of them have different expressions. Normally, I’d be all gung-ho about unique minifigure polybags but this one just stinks. LEGO took the lazy way out and it’s not for a lack of source material.

The scene where this outfit came from was from the final act where Batman assembles his team. Barbara Gordon was in need of a bat costume, so Batman took out his Bat Merch gun and fired away. Here’s the first one, Lady Bat:

Screen caps came from this YouTube video.

Then this one, Bat Lady:

Screen caps came from this YouTube video.

This one, Baterina, was done as a CMF in The LEGO Batman Movie Series 1 CMF:

Screen caps came from this YouTube video.

And the last one, Soccer Mom, before we got the purple and yellow outfit, was also made into a minifigure in Series 2:

Screen caps came from this YouTube video.

Now two out of the four outfits were made into actual minifigures. I’m fairly certain that Bat Lady and Lady Bat were not made into minifigs, so I don’t see why they couldn’t have been made into a polybag set.

The cheapest set that the purple and yellow version came in was the 70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase set which retailed for $20 USD MSRP, so trying to get one wouldn’t have exactly broken the bank. So why would anyone want to get this polybag? I can’t imagine the double-sided head being something any minifigure fan would really pay attention to. It’s such a miniscule detail that only the most hardcore collector would care about.

Does It Suck or Does It Rock?


This set sucks! I’m all for all things Batman being made into LEGO form, including Batgirl and all of her forms. But this polybag doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. It’s mostly a recycled figure albeit the double-sided head. I will say though that I think the figure looks fantastic but the unique printed head isn’t enough for me to turn this frown upside down.

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