The Newest LEGO Shop@Home Promos


I got my promo sample pack the other day and in it were some current and upcoming promotions.

LEGO DOTS Mini Frame

I don’t get DOTS. I may not be the target audience though. All I know is that it’s a bunch of little tile pieces in a very wide assortment of colors. This polybag is free with $35 purchase or more.

Easter Bunny Polybag Promo

Did you see this polybag hanging off the pegs at Target and think to yourself, “If there was only some way to get this for free as a GWP from LEGO Shop@Home?” Well think no more because your prayers have been answered. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the promo isn’t live yet. I’d take the DOTS Mini Frame promo as a gauge though and think it’ll be free with a purchase of about $35 or more.

Buildable Easter Egg Promo

Like the Easter Bunny promo, this one isn’t live yet either. But it’s a nice box with what looks like a ton o fplates that make up the egg and little chick as well as decorative DOTS-like elements. I’m gonna guess you’ll need to buy around $99 to nab this one for free. Easter isn’t until April 12th this year, so these promos should be live soon.

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