10230 Mini Modulars - back 001

Well this is a surprise. Making their official debut at LEGO Fan Weekend in Denmark today, LEGO officially unveils their next exclusive: 10230 Mini Modulars. This is a VIP member exclusive, meaning you have to be a VIP member in order to purchase this set. 10230 Mini Modulars takes the first 5 models from the modular building series and shrinks them down to mini dimensions: Cafe Corner, Market Street, Green Grocer, Fire Brigade, and Grand Emporium. Probably the only way I’d ever buy a Market Street but I digress. I can only assume that there will be future iterations of Mini Modulars to include all the other buildings the series will see. Most notably absent is the more recent release of 10218 Pet Shop. The set may not look like it but will contain 1,356 pieces. Pricing data is as follows: US $79.99, CAN $99.99, DE 69.99 €, UK 59.99 £, DK 649 DKK, and AU $119.99. And finally, you can expect to hand over your money in January 2012 for the set. More pictures below, followed by their video, and finally the official press release:

10230 Mini Modulars - 1TO1 10230 Mini Modulars - back 002 10230 Mini Modulars - back 003 10230 Mini Modulars - back 004 10230 Mini Modulars - back 005 10230 Mini Modulars - front 001 10230 Mini Modulars - front measure 10230 Mini Modulars - front side

10230 Mini Modulars

Ages 12+. 1,356 pieces.

US $79.99 CA $99.99 DE 69.99 € UK 59.99 £ DK 649.00 DKK AU $119.99

Available only to our LEGO® VIP Program Members, this exclusive mini modulars set is an authentic miniature representation of the first 5 buildings in the Modular Building series: Café Corner, Market Street, Green Grocer, Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium. Featuring highly detailed design, each building can be displayed as a stand alone piece or connected to the others buildings in the set. The mini Café Corner includes details like a fan above the doorway and printed hotel signage, while the mini Market Street includes transparent bricks and a unique brick construction. The quaint mini Green Grocer also features transparent bricks and a fire escape at the rear, while the mini Fire Brigade includes a brick bell and white arch wall elements. Finally, the mini Grand Emporium has a rooftop sign, skylight and window washing platform. With fantastic detailing and a huge variety of elements in a range of rich colors, this exclusive mini modulars set is the perfect addition to every VIP Member’s collection.

• Exclusively available to LEGO® VIP Members!
• Authentic miniature representation of first 5 Modular Buildings: Café Corner, Market Street, Green Grocer, Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium!
• Each building can be displayed individually or connected to the other buildings in the set!
• All buildings feature fantastic detailing and a wide variety of elements and colors!
• Completed model measures over 5″ (14.5 cm) tall, 12″ (32 cm) long and 2.5″ (6.5 cm) wide!
• Each individual building measures 2.5″ (6.5 cm) long and 2.5″ (6.5 cm) wide!