The new Toy Story 3 sets are now out at Toys R Us. At the brick & mortar stores, select sets are 25% off:

    PoP Fight For The Dagger $22.49
    PoP Battle Of Almut $59.99
    TS3 Duplo Great Train Chase $26.24
    TS3 Trash Compactor $37.49

However, if you go to Toys R Us online, all TS3 and PoP sets have the 25% off sale.

If you’re lucky to find it in-stock, I highly recommend getting the Garbage Truck. Aside from being a great set, it also has the best price-per-piece ratio of all the new TS3 sets. Plus, in an astonishing turn of events, Toys R Us is actually selling it for LESS then! ($45 vs. $50, or $33.74 if you can get it on sale).

For anyone looking to get the neat little Pizza Planet Delivery Truck, so far it is only available at

Thanks to dane in the forums for some of this info.