It is now time to reveal what the May 3rd and 4th Star Wars promotion is. There are 4 components to this promotion. Keep in mind that these deals ONLY apply to LEGO Shop@Home and not the brand retail locations.

  • Free LEGO Star Wars sticker sheet with any purchase on 3rd 4th May 2010.
    Star Wars Sticker Sheet Front

    – Every LEGO Star Wars purchase made during these two days will receive a free sticker sheet.

    Star Wars Sticker Sheet Back
  • Free Shipping on all orders globally
    – There is a minimum order to qualify for free shipping. For the US and Canada, your order must be $75 or more; for the UK, £50 or more; and the rest of Europe, €55 or more.
  • Star Wars Sales and Deals
    – Magnets are on sale 33% off, and watches at 50% off. There are three big ticket items that are also on sale:

    Home One Mon Calamari Cruiser – 30% off

    Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker – 25% off – This is seriously an underrated set. You’ll regret not picking this one up.

    10179 UCS Millennium Falcon – 25% off US and Canada ONLY. This set is discontinued; once the current supply runs out, that’s it. If you’ve been waiting on picking one up, now’s the time.

  • Bronze Boba Fettâ„¢ Minifigure Giveaway
    Bronze Boba Fett Bronze Boba Fett

    – Everyone who makes a purchase on May 3rd and 4th will automatically be entered into a contest to win a solid bronze Boba Fett minifigure (1 of 2 in existence). Minifigure will come in a presentation box with an authentication certificate. There will be no limit to orders placed and only one grand prize winner globally. So if you’re going to order multiple items and plan on running a huge bill, place separate orders to maximize your chances of winning. Don’t forget about free shipping if your total meets the minimum order amount.

Unfortunately, nothing about white Boba Fett. 🙁