A couple of LEGO Shop@Home updates from your favorite affiliate website, us!

First up is that this week kicks off with Double VIP Points. Did you just place an order last week? Well, maybe if you call and ask nicely you can get some points added to your account, Nick. Double VIP Points started yesterday, or was it Sunday, I can’t remember but it goes through until 4/20.

What should you get during the promotion? Anything you’ve been holding off on. I know one thing I’m going to try and get is 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery.

Which brings us to the other half of this post, but that Space Probe was the primary reason I didn’t buy the Shuttle on Day 1. Because of some mix up, I assume supply chain issues, the release was delayed. But I got an email from LEGO today saying that it will be available for point redemption starting tomorrow April 14 at 9am Eastern Time. You’ll need to visit this page, redeem 1,800 VIP points, get your coupon code, and then apply said coupon code at the “view bag” checkout page BEFORE the payment page. You should see something like this:

Don’t enter your code on the payment screen. That field is for the discount codes you redeem your points for. Yes, the LEGO VIP checkout process is still stupid. At least the Space Probe reward is nice.

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