PokéMondays: I’ve Never Hated a Duck as Much as I Hate Psyduck

F*** that duck.


Based on my limited research on the best way to shiny hunt, I came across this video which suggested getting either a Trevenant or Exeggutor with the Harvest hidden ability. Not a big fan of the Alolan form of Exeggutor so I made Trevenant my first priority. And I figure if I’m going to try and get it with its hidden ability, I’ll have a good chance of getting it shiny too.

Shiny Phantump

Shiny Phantump, 4/393

The first Phantump was pretty easy to get. It only took 103 SOS calls. Five Shiny Phantumps later, I finally get one that’s both shiny and has Harvest! One quick trade and a couple of Move Tutors later:

Shiny Trevenant

Shiny Trevenant, 5/393

Skill Swap will swap abilities with target Pokémon. Trick will swap held items. This will give target Pokémon a Leppa Berry, and Harvest will let that Pokémon regenerate a berry letting me just keep the one weakened Pokémon while I SOS chain the day away. And it worked! I got the next three using this trick, all were Larvitars with two eventually being evolved to fill out the dex:

Shiny Larvitar

Shiny Larvitar, 6/393

Shiny Pupitar

Shiny Pupitar, 7/393

Shiny Tyranitar

Shiny Tyranitar, 8/393

Things were going great. I was catching shinies left and right. Here’s my run of shiny Pokémon hunts this week:


Pokémon SOS Chain Length
Phantump 103
Phantump 151
Phantump 169
Phantump 56
Phantump 47
Larvitar 79
Larvitar 111
Larvitar 201
Larvitar 153
Larvitar 170


I caught multiple Larvitars to go for its Hidden Ability too, Sand Veil, which I thought was going to stick through its evolution up to Tyrannitar but I was wrong. No matter though because that’s not really the point. Just look at those numbers! With a Shiny Charm, an SOS chain of 30 or more would increase my chances to getting shiny to 1/273. A shiny charm and SOS chains made me believe that hunting shiny Pokémon was no longer a possibility but an eventuality. But I was a fool to believe such a thing, because Psyduck broke all of that:

Shiny Psyduck

Shiny Psyduck, 9/393

This little bastard took 858 SOS calls. And it didn’t even have Damp as its ability. If I was starting to believe that catching shinies would be easy, this run was a cold splash of water to my face. Well, the universe must have taken pity because the next one only took 89 calls:

Shiny Golduck

Shiny Golduck, 10/393. I am disappointed that Golduck is not gold in original or shiny form.

I have to believe that the first 10 caught shinies of Phantump and Larvitar were a fluke and that the first Psyduck run is the norm. We’ll see how long the next couple of runs are. Ten down, three hundred eighty-three to go.

Update: Corrected the numbers.


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