It seems strange that, given the near bottomless depths of the Disney Princess line in general, that we are already revisiting some of the initial sets… but luckily they were two good sets, and both have some real improvements. I always welcome more gold parts entering the market.

41146 Cinderella’s Enchanted Evening (SRP $39.99, 350 parts)

2017-02-18 05.49.08

I’m actually okay with this set showing up again. When I bought it the first time, it got parted out for the gold wheels. This time, it’ll be something for my daughter and I to build together, and then her immediately breaking it down to try and put a rocket on it. It makes an AFOL dad proud…

2017-02-18 05.49.06  2017-02-18 05.49.10 2017-02-18 05.49.13 2017-02-18 05.49.14 2017-02-18 05.49.16 2017-02-18 05.49.17 2017-02-18 05.49.21 2017-02-18 05.49.24

41145 Ariel and the Magical Spell (SRP $29.99, 222 parts)

2017-02-18 05.49.28

So, a confession. The Little Mermaid is far and away my favorite Disney movie. I have all of the songs memorized, as well as the lines in general. And, with that framing… WHY DOES URSULA LOOK LIKE THIS! WHY! I’m glad a proper version of her was in the Disney line, but now I’ll need to buy an extra to sneak into the set when I pick this one up for us to share.

2017-02-18 05.49.26  2017-02-18 05.49.30 2017-02-18 05.49.31 2017-02-18 05.49.33 2017-02-18 05.49.34 2017-02-18 05.49.36 2017-02-18 05.49.38 2017-02-18 05.49.42