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The new year of LEGO Dimensions has hit shelves (well, some of them… I had to ask the clerk at Best Buy to find them for me), and that means that there’s a whole lot of game playing to be had. We’re going to try something new along with this, mostly at my expense, and start live streaming our playthrough of the game. Part of this will also be covering the individual Fun Packs, Character Packs, and Level Packs as we get to them.

To that end, our first live stream of me showing exactly how bad I am at the LEGO games, making a (bigger) fool of myself, and generally enjoying the banter of the characters while I occasionally talk into a headset mic will be on Saturday, October 1st at 8:30 PM CST. Feel free to check out the stream, hop into the chat on Twtich, or just join along.

I’ve embedded the link above. After the stream, we’re going to work on archiving the streams and potentially using bits of it in other content. So if you can’t make the initial stream, it should be available after the fact as well.