Limited Edition 1989 Batmobile Set Discovered, Also Keaton Batman


Update: Some clarification on the Keaton minifig.

This is making the rounds on #legoleaks over at the ‘gram: 40433 1989 Batmobile – Limited Edition. No word yet about how one is to acquire such a set, but seeing as to how it’s marked ‘Limited Edition’, one can only guess. GWP maybe?


It also does not include this Keaton Batman. The Keaton fig will probably be part of the DC CMF series. What’s significant about this particular Batman minifig is that it seems to include a molded cape. The helmet, cape, and bat symbol are all one piece that fits over the head element.

If you explore that hash tag further, you can see pics of minifigs from what may or may not be a DC CMF series.

Download ’em while you can. No telling if and when LEGO’s going to get them pulled.

It may not be UCS, but I can scratch another Batmobile off my most wanted list.



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