LEGO decided that everyone needed a bit of a pick-me-up going in to the Thanksgiving Holiday, and posted the upcoming CMF lineup for LEGO Batman. I think we can all agree that this is the most “shut up and take my money” CMF line yet.


You can check out some detail shots of them below the fold, including that amazing Fairy Batman or the “Batman With Claws that’s totally not an Homage to another company’s character.”

cmf-batman-bathrobe cmf-batman-bunny cmf-batman-cop cmf-batman-crab cmf-batman-dick cmf-batman-dome cmf-batman-ducky cmf-batman-eraserhead cmf-batman-fairy cmf-batman-harley cmf-batman-hello cmf-batman-joker cmf-batman-noidea cmf-batman-pharoah cmf-batman-rocker cmf-batman-shark cmf-lego-batman-cavebat  cmf-lego-batman-gordon  cmf-lego-batman-wolvie