Did you get one of these in the mail?

Yeah, me neither.

LEGO sent out invitations to a select few VIP members to partake in a special pre-Black Friday shopping event. Forum member that guy received such an invitation and posted the following details:

Not sure if this was posted here yet but I got a special invitiation in the snail mail that said I was number 1 of ‘xx’ people (less than 30 but I prefer not to say exactly lest I be pointed out at my particualr location) chosen to attend a before hours event on the 19th. No mention of the actual discounts yet but it said I had to RSVP before the 17th. Here’s what the note said.

“As one of our most valued LEGO VIP Members, you are cordially invited to an exclusive Holiday shopping event just for you at the LEGO Store! We are opening your local LEGO Store early for an invitation-only event that will allow you and one guest the opportunity to take advantage of all of our extraordinary “Brick” Friday offers before they are available to the public!”

The card says the VIP Card and photo ID are required for admittance. One free limited holiday set per person with $99 purchase. Spending limit is $5000 pre sale prices and may not purchase more than 5 of one item.

When I called to RSVP they wouldn’t give me really any more info than that but I got the feeling they really didn’t know yet either. They said they just got their list of VIPs a few days ago. I guess we will wait and see.

If you weren’t one of the fortunate few to get the invite in the mail, fear not, for there is some reprieve in the shape of an online sale. This was passed along in my LUG’s mailing list:

Good Morning LEGO Fans,

Please allow me to provide a bit of information and clarification on the upcoming LEGO Brand Retail “Brick Friday” VIP Preshop event. As some of you are aware, a handful of fans who are in close proximity to our stores have received invitations to attend an exclusive “invitation-only holiday shopping event.” I have reached out to the Brand Retail team here in Enfield in order to obtain and share the following information to help clarify why some received these invitations and others did not:

Q: How were the VIP members chosen?

A: They were selected on the basis they were in the top 25 VIP members for their local store based on engagement and purchases since joining LEGO VIP and part of the top 5% of VIPs globally.

Q: What about VIP members who didn’t get an invite?

A: All LEGO VIPs will be allowed early access through Shop.LEGO.com on Saturday, November 19th so even if they did not receive a LEGO Store invite, they will still be able to shop early and receive all of the Black Friday deals and promotions.

Q: What type of specials are the LBR Stores offering for “Brick Friday?”

· 10% off of all purchases over $149.
· Free Gift with Purchase Holiday Set 2 (https://www.brickset.com/detail/?Set=3300002-1) with purchases over $99‐ Limit one per person.
· Free Holiday Pick-a-Brick Box with purchases over $75.
· Pull Cards (scratch cards) for all guests, increments of 10%, 25% & 50% off entire purchase.
· The Holiday Gift with Purchase Set 1 (https://www.brickset.com/detail/?Set=3300020-1) on sale for $9.99 during the event.

Please feel free to share this information amongst your groups. I hope this helps provide better clarification, but please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Obviously if you shop online you won’t be able to get the scratch card. The one question I have is if the scratch card discount stacks with the 10% off all purchases over $149, effectively making it a 20%/35%/60% discount. My guess is no.