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Archive for March, 2010

Rick "GIR3691" Theroux | March 29th, 2010 | Sales News

And More Sales News: This Time With SW/ToyStory!

Got some better news that that TRU BOGO here for you all:


They have a BOGO sale of their own, but its a Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all LEGO.  All LEGO includes Toy Story, Star Wars, and what Indy sets remain.  This is good online and in store, so if you, like me, no longer have a KMart nearby, you can still cash in on this deal.  If you buy three of the same item, it works out to 1/3 off, so not too bad.


Online and in-store, most Star Wars sets are 10% off and the 8085 Freeco Speeder is 20%.  Ho-hum choice for the 20% off item, but 10% off 7753 Pirate Tank isn’t too bad considering that this will likely be discontinued after this season and become hard to find.

Rick "GIR3691" Theroux | March 28th, 2010 | Sales News

TRU BOGO 50% In-store and online this week

If we haven’t given you enough reasons in the last few weeks to frequent your local TRU, here is another:  This week, both online and in-stores, Toys’R’Us is having a Buy One Get One 50% off sale (aka BOGO 50).  While I considered not posting this sale, mainly because it excludes licensed themes including Star Wars and Toy Story (our focus), I feel this is still a good deal and worth sharing.   As an aware fan of LEGO like you are, you’ll know this sale essentially cancels the TRU markup on most sets, so if you’re in the market for older hard to find sets often easily picked up at a TRU or non-licensed TRU exclusives,  here is a chance at a small but worthwhile discount.  Good luck!


Ace Kim | March 24th, 2010 | Contests

ASS Reminder

Just a quick note to remind you that the ASS Model Contest is in full swing. There are now 7 days left to enter your ASS before the submission deadline. Make sure you read the rules to qualify your ASS. Does your ASS have what it takes to take home the prize? Will your ASS be the most popular? Take a look at some of the entries below, to see what your ASS is up against:

Crescent Mooner

Kuat A-36s Windshrike (01)


Left seems to be a very popular direction to point your ASS to.

Ace Kim | March 23rd, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Chrome Stormtrooper Love for Canucks

I’m lazy so I’ll just copy and paste directly this message by sabriyo from our forums:


Just got my weekly flyer from Toys R Us. They are going to have a sale on Power Miners, Atlantis and Technic sets. 20% OFF.

There’s also a free chrome stormtrooper promo going on that week.
You have to buy 30$ (before tax) of Lego Star Wars merchandises. It says limited quantity for the chrome Stormtrooper.

Date : Friday 26th to Monday 5th! 11 DAYS!

Ace Kim | March 23rd, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Amazon/Walmart Price Wars Part II

Lately, Amazon seems to be making a push to be the number 1 online toy shop matching prices left and right. Whenever has a rollback, Amazon is quick to match as evidenced by the Droid Tri-Fighter sale from last week or so. This week, they’re duking it out again. Amazon has LEGO Space Police 5972 Container Heist and LEGO Star Wars 8017 Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter both for $22.54, down from $29.99, that’s 25% off MSRP. I’m linking to Amazon’s pages because I honestly believe they are a better deal. If your cart total is over $25, you can opt for FREE Super Saver Shipping. Couple that with no tax to most states, and you save more money than by going with

Thanks to vynsane for tip.

Ace Kim | March 23rd, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

7754 Home One 30% off at LEGO Retail

Apparently, the Fans’ Choice Home One set, a Toys’R’Us exclusive, is discounted 30% off at all LEGO Brand Retail locations. Don’t forget your VIP card and rack up those points. Thanks to JamesBenjamin from our forums for the heads up.

Don "Solo" Reitz | March 23rd, 2010 | Forum

A Controversial Question for the Community

With the recent brief reprisal of everyone’s favorite hot button issue [what?], it was suggested by a member to start a poll to actually gauge the community’s approval rating of the controversial business of aftermarket reselling of sets and figures for a profit. Seems like reasonably good idea to me, so here we are!

This poll is open to active forum members, so stop by and cast your vote. I’ve included a few common points for and against the practice that’s some good food for thought.

Ace Kim | March 22nd, 2010 | LEGO Prince of Persia, News, Sales News

LEGO Prince of Persia Now Available

There are scattered reports of the Prince of Persia sets being available at Toys’R’Us retail stores. Their online listingicon shows everything as out of stock. No matter, though, because LEGO Shop@Home has the entire Prince of Persiaicon product line available for purchase. I’d call ahead to a retail spot to see if they have them in yet if you’re lucky enough to have a store close by.

Ace Kim | March 22nd, 2010 | LEGO Indiana Jones, Sales News

LEGO Indiana Jones Gold Box Deal

Today, is featuring PS3 Gold Box deals for every time slot. At 4 pm PST, you can pick up LEGO Indiana Jones. Not sure which version of the game it is, or what the final price is, but check it out, it may be worth picking up.

Ace Kim | March 22nd, 2010 | News

LEGO Hero Factory Villains Unveiled

I received the following assets from LEGO regarding their new Hero Factory line. Introducing the Villains! Click through to get a description of each villain. Hero Factory is set to debut in August, so I can only assume that the Villains will be available on or around the same time. Prices were not included in the press kit, but will probably range from $7.99 for the basic figures to $49.99 for the largest kit.

7145 Von Nebula 7147 XPlode 7148 Meltdown 7156 Corroder 7157 Thunder 7158 Furno Bike 7160 Drop Ship 7162 Rotor