This is another one of those single shiny Pokémon post dedications and its for Shiny Mesprit. It finally popped shortly after last week’s PokéMondays post at 2,805 soft resets. This one doesn’t get numbered either because it’s not part of the Alolan Dex but that’s another legendary down with a few more to go.

In other news, one of my rubber bands broke. So I’ll be back to SOS hunting until the next gardening service rubber bands their business card to my front door handle. No I do not have a lot of rubber bands.

My shiny hunts have slowed down quite a bit. It’s a combination of a new job and soul crushing failures in long SOS hunts. The soft reset hunts may go for higher numbers, but they are far less prone to idiotic mistakes. The only risk in messing up those kinds of hunts is accidentally soft resetting over a shiny due to muscle memory or not really paying attention. SOS hunts have way more potential points of failure and its easier to lose motivation. I’d have continued with an Ultra Space Wilds hunt except, you know, my rubber band.

The other reason my hunts have slowed down is because I’m trying to complete the National Dex in the Generation VI games, X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. I finally got a foreign copy of Omega Ruby and the goal there is to get a foreign Ditto so I can use the Masuda Method for an increased chance of hatching a shiny while filling out the holes in the Dex. It’ll be a nice break from the grind of SOS chaining.


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