PokéMondays: And The Shiny Train Keep Charjabugging Along


I wrote a couple of weeks ago that my rate at which I’m catching these shinies have slowed down some, so being able to report on three shinies this week feels like a monumental achievement. Today I complete the Grubbin line and started another.

Shiny Charjabug

Shiny Charjabug, 155/393

This red bugger came in at the 495th SOS call. Combined with the previous Shiny Grubbin at 352, I was hoping the final Charjabug that I would evolve would come in faster.

Shiny Vikavolt

Shiny Vikavolt, 156/393

And it did! At just 78 calls, the next Shiny Charjabug came and few feinted Pokémon later it evolved to this nice Shiny Vikavolt.

Shiny Elekid

Shiny Elekid, 157/393

My feelings of elation were short-lived, however, because this piece of crap came at 764 calls. I almost don’t mind the high number, but the maddening part of this particular hunt is that it required me to pay more attention at each call because the shiny color is just barely any different. After studying the battlefield for a few minutes, I’ve determined that the shiny color is most apparent in the prongs on Elekid’s head. But honestly, even knowing that it was difficult to tell them apart. I get to do this two more times to complete the evolution line. Yay. Sarcasm aside, the one silver lining is that there is a chance I can get a Shiny Electabuzz or Happiny so I guess it’s worth the extra effort. I just hope I can get a Shiny Happiny out of this.

Shiny Zacian and Shiny Zamazenta

In other shiny news, it looks like I’ll have to fast track a purchase of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Serebii.net is reporting a distribution of the Shiny mascots, Zacian and Zamazenta in their respective games, by visiting a GameStop starting October 22nd. That’s this Friday!

Adding three more shinies to the Alolan pile, I’m now at one hundred fifty-seven down with two hundred thirty-six to go!



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