PokéMondays: Finally Bagged The Bagon


Man, this was one of the most mind-numbing, difficult lines to catch. Anything I could have done wrong went wrong: killing the anchor Pokémon multiple times, forgetting to do the Harvest/Trick combo at the beginning, accidentally catching the anchor, etc. My favorite moment was when hunting for my third Shiny Bagon, I had both a Shiny Bagon and a Shiny Shelgon in my party, I accidentally killed the anchor, which caused the Shiny Bagon in my party to level up which I stupidly let evolve so now I had two Shiny Shelgons. And you can guess what happened next. Yep, Shiny Shelgon appears. I closed my 3DS after that because the last thing I needed was a third Shelgon.

Shiny Bagon

Shiny Bagon, 36/393

494 calls.

Shiny Shelgon

Shiny Shelgon, 37/393

424 calls.

Shiny Salamence

Shiny Salamence, 38/393

Collectively, I think I hit over 2,500 SOS calls if I combine all the failed attempts. I thought I was off to a great start. Shiny Salamence came from the first Shiny Bagon and that took only 17 SOS calls. It was all downhill after that, more like falling off a cliff than going downhill though. Honestly, this might be worse than the Psyduck experience. Thirty-eight down, three hundred fifty-five to go.

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