Starting this week and continuing for the next seven weeks, McDonald’s restaurants is promoting The LEGO Batman Movie with a Happy Meal toy tie-in. There are a total of 8 toys in all consisting of a stereoscopic 3D glasses with a pictures, stickers, a puzzle, and sippy cups. My kids got the Batman 3D glasses set, and I don’t think any of them knew how to look for the 3d effect. It’s pretty trippy once you focus in correctly and just might be my new favorite toy. My middle kid kept running around the house holding the glasses in front of his face pretending he was Batman. That is, until he ran into a wall cause he couldn’t see. Good times.

Some restaurants are doling them out one week at a time, others will let you buy whatever stock they have, so YMMV. The toy is free with a Happy Meal purchase but can be bought separately if you want to forego the food.