I’ve mentioned a few times before that I am a huge Spider-man fan, and have been following the character since my formative comic book years back in the 80s. It’s really the only book on the Marvel side that can match Batman for the ups/downs, as well as the absurdly large rogue’s gallery, and that’s always made me love it.

That being said… I’m not as big on Sony doing Spider-man stuff on their own. Homecoming was good because Marvel had a hand in it; same with Spidey’s appearance in Civil War and Infinity War. On TV, the cartoons have been mostly good (though I preferred Ultimate to the new XD series) because it’s been Disney/Marvel, not Sony.

The theme here… on their own, Sony is less than .500 when it comes to movies, having made two good, 1 terrible, and 1 meh, and one jumbled mess of a movie. Honestly, the upcoming Venom movie doesn’t look that much better.

Yet here, we’re getting an animated film developed by Lord/Miller of LEGO Movie fame (and Solo infamy)… their style would fit perfectly to Spider-man in the same way it fit great for Batman. The sources for the film are based on some of Brian Michael Bendis’ best work and creations, stuff like Miles Morales (best thing to come out of the Ultimate universe) and the Spider-Verse series from 2014 that introduced Spider-Gwen. The whole tone of the trailer seems like it fits, and I’m pretty excited to see it.

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