I sat on this one for a couple of days to let Ace’s Toy Fair coverage soak up some much deserved attention, but I can’t stands no more! Xenomurphy is at it again with this gigantic Spider-man themed vig of a battle on the rooftop of the Daily Bugle. The attention to detail and scale is exactly what I’ve come to expect from this builder and as much as I love the custom figs he’s created, the real crown jewel here is his excellent font work.

Spider-Man vs. Vulture - Scarlet Spider FightScarlet Spider 01

He may not have made the custom Scarlet Spider fig himself, but his addition of the painted Wyldstyle hoodie is what sets it apart. The fact that Ben Reilly’s outcast outfit is a favourite of mine goes a long way to me ignoring the custom aspect. Xenomurphy has quickly become one of the builders I anxiously await the next build from.