The site hasn’t been the most active lately… 2023 has been a sledgehammer to the face of a few of us and it’s hard to get the time to keep up with everything. I can’t speak for everyone here, but the annual tradition of us opening all the calendars and being shocked at the iffy builds is something that we look forward to.

We’re doing it a bit different this year, or more specifically, Nick just couldn’t find all that much joy in just doing the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. So he’s decided to do more than that one and compare them all a bit. Ace is going to do his normal review of it as well, and Eric will be covering Harry Potter yet again, for whatever the wizarding version of Groundhog Day is. And double the Star Wars!

We’re also bringing back our “random advent” calendar tradition, because it was fun last year. So tune in to see we go through and talk about. Maybe I’ll even bring in a special guest expert to talk about the one that Nick picked up…

Star Wars: 9 Hits / 8 Misses
Harry Potter: 9 Hits / 8 Misses
City: 12 Hits / 5 Misses
Marvel: 5 6 Hits / 12 11 Misses
Bonus Star Wars: 9 Hits / 8 Misses

Star Wars Day 18 – Ace

Man, I was ready to declare Day 10’s Hailfire Driod as the top model for the calendar, but this one is right up there. Continuing the Endor theme, we get a micro scale Speeder Bike. Some sacrifices had to be made, namely the front stabilizers, but it more than makes up for it when looking at the seat. The saddle bags was a nice touch. I am over the moon with today’s model.

As if the excellent LEGO model wasn’t enough, we get the bread and butter of Lindor chocolates, another truffle ball. Usually when I use “another” in these chocolate advents, it’s out of exasperation. We’ve gotten far too many repeats of hollow treats, but in this case “another” out of the pure delight. I didn’t bother with the the out-of-wrapper photo or the half bitten one. You’ve seen them before, and I popped this thing in my mouth before I even considered taking those pics. So good.

Harry Potter Day 18 – Eric

This table is simple. Five pieces. Usually, I would say it sucks and move on. But…

I really, really like this piece. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Adding the transparent plastic adds so much more life to the cup than when it’s empty. It elevates the whole table.

Today’s tea is not so good. Because it’s FEEL NEW. Again. And again, it doesn’t taste great. Just like warm plant water. I know that’s all that tea is, but something about this flavor really throws back the curtain.

1/5. Again.

I hope the rest aren’t repeats. I’d be disappointed.

City Day 18 – Nick

Following up on the perfect tree yesterday, we have some simple and colorful little gifts. I have no issue at all with these. They’re basic and straight forward, and I like the nice use of the bow studs. The coordinating colors is nice, and they look especially good when matched with the trees.

Splitting builds like this across multiple days is the only acceptable use of that tactic in the calendars, because it’s building up and adding on, while each day is still it’s own little thing.

Marvel Day 18 – Nick

Oh, hey, it’s this jerk. Honestly, whatever. Not a seasonal figure, not an interesting character (at least in the MCU, he’s far more interesting in the comics).

You can add the waste of our time from yesterday to him and make him look like a complete thing, but he still isn’t seasonal, so I’m still going to call it a miss. But hey, at least he’s ready to play some air hockey at Singles Night down at Bowl-o-Rama. I hear the ladies are really impressed when you show up with your own custom glow-in-the-dark air hockey paddles, Stephen.

Bonus Star Wars Day 18 – Nick

This one is so weird… is it a micro-build or technically a midi-build? It’s not bad, I guess, it’s just that the scale is so different from all the other micros. The lack of vanes on the front bugs me more than anything else, and makes it feel incomplete. Unlike the STAP, it can’t be used by a minifig, but it’s still too big compared to the others, and that makes it a miss for me.

Pokemon Day 18 – Nick & Family

Back to Pokemon with Snorunt, that little jerk I remember farming up for some reason in Pokemon Sword. Honestly can’t remember why I was trying to do it… likely he was in a slot with something else, but I know that I have a lot of them sitting in my boxes for that game.

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